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Holiday API Rust Library

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Unofficial library for Holiday API written in Rust. This repo implements interface for original HolidayAPI endpoints seen here.


This project is heavily inspired by holidayapi-node and holiday-api-rust repositories.


Add the following to your Cargo.toml

holidayapi_rust = "0.1.7"

Or use cargo cli:

$ cargo add holidayapi_rust



use holidayapi_rust::prelude::*;

let holiday_api = HolidayAPI::new("00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000").unwrap();

async fn main() {
	// Fetch supported countries and subdivisions
	let countries: Vec<Country> = holiday_api.countries().get().await.unwrap();

	// Fetch supported languages
	let languages: Vec<Language> = holiday_api.languages().get().await.unwrap();

	// Fetch holidays with minimum parameters
	let holidays: Vec<Holiday> = holiday_api.holidays("US", 2020).get().await.unwrap();

Builder pattern

use holidayapi_rust::prelude::*;

let holiday_api = HolidayAPI::new(VALID_KEY).unwrap();

// Holidays
let specific_request: Vec<Holiday> = holiday_api
	.holidays("jp", 2021)

// Countries
let specific_request: Vec<Country> = holiday_api
	.search("hello world")

// Languages
let specific_request: Vec<Language> = holiday_api

Future ideas

  • Refactor async call using IntoFuture to remove unnecessary .get() calls.
  • Implements memoization for api calls.
  • Add new utility functions on top of raw API.


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