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Process pulldown-cmark events to apply syntax highlighting to code blocks

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Highlight Pulldown Code

A small library crate to apply syntax highlighting to markdown parsed with pulldown-cmark.

The implementation is based on the discussion at pulldown-cmark#167.


The crate exposes a single function, highlight. It takes an iterator over pulldown-cmark events and returns a corresponding Vec<pulldown_cmark::Event> where code blocks have been substituted by HTML blocks containing highlighted code.

use highlight_pulldown::highlight_with_theme;

let markdown = r#"
enum Hello {
let events = pulldown_cmark::Parser::new(markdown);

// apply a syntax highlighting pass to the pulldown_cmark events
let events = highlight_with_theme(events, "base16-ocean.dark").unwrap();

// emit HTML or further process the events as usual
let mut html = String::new();
pulldown_cmark::html::push_html(&mut html, events.into_iter());

For better efficiency, instead of invoking highlight or highlight_with_theme in a hot loop consider creating a PulldownHighlighter object once and use it many times.


If you happen to use this package, any feedback is more than welcome.

Contributions in the form of issues or patches via the GitLab repo are even more appreciated.


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