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no-std hex-conservative

A hex encoding and decoding crate with a conservative MSRV and dependency policy

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Bitcoin Hexadecimal Library

General purpose hex encoding/decoding library with a conservative MSRV and dependency policy.

Minimum Supported Rust Version (MSRV)

This library should compile with almost any combination of features on Rust 1.56.1, however we reserve the right to use features to guard compiler specific code so --all-features may not work using the MSRV toolchain.


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git config --local core.hooksPath githooks/

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Hex encoding and decoding.

General purpose hex encoding/decoding library with a conservative MSRV and dependency policy.

Basic Usage

// In your manifest use the `package` key to improve import ergonomics.
// hex = { package = "hex-conservative", version = "*" }
use hex::prelude::*;

// Decode an arbitrary length hex string into a vector.
let v = Vec::from_hex("deadbeef").expect("valid hex digits");
// Or a known length hex string into a fixed size array.
let a = <[u8; 4]>::from_hex("deadbeef").expect("valid length and valid hex digits");

// We support `LowerHex` and `UpperHex` out of the box for `[u8]` slices.
println!("An array as lower hex: {:x}", a.as_hex());
// And for vecs since `Vec` derefs to byte slice.
println!("A vector as upper hex: {:X}", v.as_hex());

// Allocate a new string (also `to_upper_hex_string`).
let s = v.to_lower_hex_string();

// Please note, mixed case strings will still parse successfully but we only
// support displaying hex in a single case.
    Vec::from_hex("dEaDbEeF").expect("valid mixed case hex digits"),
    Vec::from_hex("deadbeef").expect("valid hex digits"),