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Rapid and seamless customer interaction, designed for CS 495 at The University of Alabama

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0.1.2 Oct 26, 2021
0.1.1 Oct 15, 2021
0.1.0 Oct 15, 2021

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MIT license

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Hermod API

A platform for instant and seamless customer interaction.

Running API


Installation Instructions for Mac/Linux

# Install Rust, psql, and Docker
brew install rustup postgres # Install Rustup and psql command line tool 
brew cask install docker # Install Docker

# Build and run application
cargo install sqlx-cli # Install sqlx CLI, used by `init_db.sh` to create & migrate database
./scripts/init_db.sh # Starts and migrates a Postgres database using Docker
./scripts/init_collector.sh # Starts an Open Telemetry collector using Docker
cargo run # Compiles and runs the Hermod project using an edge Rust build (aka cargo r)
Other useful commands
# Install optional Rust command-line utilities
cargo install sqlx-cli # (Optionally) Install sqlx CLI
cargo install bunyan # (Optionally) install Bunyan log formatter

# Other useful commands
cargo doc --open # Compiles and opens project documentation (aka cargo d)
cargo test # Runs unit and integration tests (aka cargo t)

cargo r | bunyan # Compiles and runs the project, piping log output to the Bunyan formatter
TEST_LOG=true cargo t | bunyan # Runs tests with logging, piping output to Bunyan

./scripts/stop_containers.sh # Stops all running Docker containers

sqlx mig add YOUR_MIGRATION_NAME # Create a new sqlx migration
sqlx mig run # Run your new migration
cargo sqlx prepare -- --lib # Rebuild sqlx's cache used for compile-time SQL guarantees
cargo sqlx prepare --check -- --lib

docker build -t hermod_api . # Build the release image of the application (will take a *very* long time, Rust has infamously long release compilation times)
docker run -p 8000:8000 hermod_api # Run the release image of the application

# Print lines-of-code
brew install cloc
cloc configuration src tests migrations scripts

# Open LLVM test coverage report
cargo llvm-cov --open --ignore-filename-regex "build.rs|src\/main.rs"

# Run GCC test coverage report
cargo tarpaullin

# Raise port limit on macOS
ulimit -n 10000

Project Architecture

  • configurations contains three files - base.yaml, local.yaml, and production.yaml. Base.yaml contains default configuration shared between local and production, and local and production specify configuration settings that differ between the two environments.
  • migrations contains SQL files that, when executed in order, produce the schema for the Hermod database. This can be accomplished by running sqlx migrate run.
  • scripts contains build-tools used for local environment setup.
  • src contains application source code.
  • tests contains dependency tests.
  • .env contains an environment variables with a database URL for sqlx.
  • Cargo.toml contains package metadata and dependencies
  • Dockerfile contains instructions for building a Docker image for this project
  • sqlx-data.json contains the data used to represent Hermod's database schema. Used for building Hermod when a database connection is not available.


~1.5M SLoC