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app heater

simple sitemap-based cache-warming with header variations

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simple cache-warming via sitemap

This small command line tool can be used to warm CDNs or website caches, based on a sitemap.

    heater [OPTIONS] <sitemap_url>

    -h, --help       Prints help information
    -V, --version    Prints version information

        --header <HEADER:VALUE>...           header variation
        --language <IEFT language tag>...    language tags will be used to generate all possible permutations of these
                                             languages, including their order

    <sitemap_url>    sitemap URL


For now, it can be simply installed globally via cargo install heater.


  • heater http://site/sitemap.xml will read the pages in the sitemap and request all of them

  • heater http://site/sitemap.xml --header accept-language:en will set the accept-language header to en for the requests. Any header can be set.

  • heater http://site/sitemap.xml --header accept-language:en --header accept-language:de will request all the pages with both possible accept-language headers.

  • heater http://site/sitemap.xml --language de --language en will request accept-language with permutations for these languages: de, en, en, de, en,de.


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