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app heartless_tk

heartless_tk, a card game similar with mshearts

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0.1.0 Feb 4, 2024

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The heartless_tk program is a card game similar with mshearts.

It is a GUI frontend of heartless, using the Tk as the UI client.


The same as heartless's Rule.

User input

You can select and discard cards via mouse clicking or keyboard striking.

For mouse clicking, the first click selects the card and the second click discards it.

Keyboard input is almost the same as heartless's Input. You can strike 2,3,4,5,6,7, 8,9,0,j,q,k,a, and Esc, Backspace, Enter for keyboard input. Note that jqka are lowercases.

To alternate selecting between different cards of the same rank, just type the same rank repeatly. For instance, typing "jj" will pick Jack of Diamonds out of "236Jc 50Jd JsQs", while typing "jjj" will pick Jack of Spades.

Customizable AI strategies

The same as heartless's Customizable AI strategies.

Automatic mode

Given "--automatic", the game will run in automatic mode and the user has no interaction with the game at all. You can enable this mode to test your AI. With "--count 100" you can run 100 times to see how many times your AI won.

Note that the heartless server is not in automatic mode, it gets input from the heartless_tk client which is automated.


Under Apache License 2.0 or MIT License, at your will.


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