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Platform-agnostic Rust driver for the HDC2080, HDC2010 and HDC2021 low-power humidity and temperature digital sensor

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Rust HDC2080, HDC2021 and HDC2010 Low-Power Humidity and Temperature Digital Sensor Driver

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This is a platform agnostic Rust driver for the HDC2080, HDC2021 and HDC2010 low-power humidity and temperature digital sensor using the embedded-hal traits.

This driver allows you to:

  • Set the measurement mode. Temperature only or temperature and humidity. See: set_measurement_mode().
  • Make one shot measurement. See: read().
  • Read the data and interrupt status. See: status().
  • Trigger a software reset. See: software_reset().
  • Read the manufacturer ID. See: manufacturer_id().
  • Read the device ID. See: device_id().

The devices

The HDC2080 device is an integrated humidity and temperature sensor that provides high accuracy measurements with very low power consumption in a small DFN package. The capacitive-based sensor includes new integrated digital features and a heating element to dissipate condensation and moisture.

The HDC2080 digital features include programmable interrupt thresholds to provide alerts and system wake-ups without requiring a microcontroller to be continuously monitoring the system. Combined with programmable sampling intervals, a low power consumption, and a support for a 1.8-V supply voltage, the HDC2080 is designed for battery-operated systems.

This driver is compatible with HDC2080, HDC2021 and HDC2010.

Datasheets: HDC2080, HDC2021, HDC2010


To use this driver, import this crate and an embedded_hal implementation, then instantiate the device.

Please find additional examples using hardware in this repository: driver-examples

extern crate linux_embedded_hal as hal;
use hdc20xx::{Hdc20xx, SlaveAddr};
use nb::block;

fn main() {
    let dev = hal::I2cdev::new("/dev/i2c-1").unwrap();
    let address = SlaveAddr::default();
    let mut sensor = Hdc20xx::new(dev, address);
    loop {
        let data = block!(sensor.read()).unwrap();
            "Temperature: {:2}°C, Humidity: {:2}%",


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