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Embedded HAL driver for accessing TCN75A temperature sensors

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tcn75a is an Embedded HAL crate for accessing Microchip TCN75A temperature sensors over a (single controller) I2C bus. The TCN75A is a four-register temperature sensor that is easy to set up and poll in a task. All features should be supported.

This crate contains copious amounts of documentation and tries to optimize the number of I2C transactions sent to the TCN75A via caching. Therefore, at present this crate does not work with multicontroller I2C buses, though it should be possible to add this at the cost of performance.

Dev Boards

You can get a dev board for the tcn75a from Digilent called the PMOD TMP3. If you don't have a microcontroller or FPGA board with a PMOD connector, the PMOD TMP3 can be connected to a breadboard using a PMOD DIP.


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