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The easier way to install and manage Haxe compiler versions

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The easier way to install and manage Haxe compiler versions


On macOS and Linux, the easiest way to install is to use the meta-installer with this one command

curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf https://raw.githubusercontent.com/l0go/haxeget/main/meta-install.sh | bash

On Windows and other platforms, you can download the executable from the releases tab and add it to your path, or you can install via cargo with the following command.

cargo install haxeget


# Here is how we would install version 4.3.2 of the compiler
$ haxeget install 4.3.2
$ haxeget use 4.3.2
$ haxe # Can now run haxe and haxelib freely

If needed, we can install another version and switch freely between them with the haxeget use <version> command.


Command About
Install Installs the specified version of Haxe or Neko. ex: 4.3.3, neko, nightly
Uninstall Uninstalls the specified version
Use Selects the version of Haxe to use
List Lists the installed versions
Rc Installs the version of Haxe specified in .haxerc
Update Updates haxeget to the latest version
Current Outputs the currently used Haxe version

Why Rust?

I wanted to mess with the Rust programming language and this seemed like a decent opportunity. If I had proper hindsight, I would have written it in a better language like Go, Zig, or even godforbid Haxe itself. This gives us the interesting property of not forcing you to have a pre-existing Haxe compiler set up to install Haxe itself.


  • haxe-manager: The original inspiration for this, still a valid option!
  • asdf-haxe: If I was aware that asdf had a Haxe plugin, I would probably just have used that. Writing my own is a lot more entertaining though!


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