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cmvm is a simple tool that manages multiple CMake versions

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CMake Version Manager

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cmvm is a simple tool that manages multiple CMake versions for macOS and Linux platforms.

How to install


brew tap iepsen/cmvm
brew install cmvm


cargo install cmvm


Binaries are available for download on both macOS and Linux platforms since v0.3.3.

Adding cmake to the path

Once you have cmvm installed, you need to add CMake current version on your path. Use the following command to get instructions:

cmvm shell


Install a CMake version:

cmvm install 3.20.1

List available CMake versions to install:

cmvm list-remote

List CMake versions managed by cmvm installed:

cmvm list

Switch to a CMake version:

cmvm use 3.20.1

List all commands available and usage examples:

cmvm help

How to contribute

Feel free to open an issue or pull request.


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