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grup - offline markdown previewer

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What is grup?

grup is an offline markdown previewer inspired by the impeccable grip - minus sending your local files to github for formatting - therefore a little easier to stomach for privacy inclined people (like me).


With Rust 1.70 or higher installed run:

cargo install grup


Get preview for an .md file e.g. README.md:

grup README.md

This will open a local webserver (by default at and display the rendered markdown.
Refreshing the page will also cause the document to be updated.
When you're done stop grup by pressing Ctrl+C.


Thanks to @NickeZ

Known Issues

"No such remote or remote group: " when running grup

When trying to run grup in zsh, the grup command will be shadowed by an alias defined by the zsh git plugin. This can be prevented by adding

unalias grup

to your .zshrc which removes the alias.
Alternatively: Add an alias pointing to the install location (e.g. alias grupp="~/.cargo/bin/grup")


By default the html output is styled using Github Markdown CSS by Sindre Sorhus.


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