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A cli vanity address generator for Grin

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0.1.0 Aug 1, 2023

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A commnand-line vanity address generator for Grin. I made this mostly for fun and to familiarize myself with the various Grin libraries written in Rust. The code is currently a lot slower than expected since deriving a slatepack address from a seed seems to be ~1000x slower that deriving it from a raw public key.

Example usage

The output below depicts an adrress found with the pattern grin1test and its corresponding seed.

$ grin-vanity --threads 30 --pattern grin1test --interval 180
Searching for pattern grin1test
Using 30 threads
1177.69 keys/s eta: 16.78min
1180.52 keys/s eta: 16.74min
1180.57 keys/s eta: 16.74min
1184.35 keys/s eta: 16.69min
1191.43 keys/s eta: 16.59min
1186.02 keys/s eta: 16.67min
1187.23 keys/s eta: 16.65min
1183.23 keys/s eta: 16.70min

Found address: grin1testjvsvwm3nrh7ueas8vanjs0tmvymetskf5qwl7cjmkqy7lm0sy0wmcs 
With Seed:     drastic find quarter number column ready program parent mad novel fix vital drill cactus host arm enter omit short team mushroom saddle fancy swarm 
1953000 keys in 1537.039615623 seconds

Importing into Grin++

Estimated Time

Guessing a private key with the chosen prefix has an element of luck to it. The following table depicts a rough estimate on what should be expected on a Ryzen 5950x using 30 threads. Your results may vary.

Prefix Eta
grin1 < 1s
grin10 < 1s
grin100 < 1s
grin1000 30 s
grin10000 16 min
grin100000 9 h
grin1000000 12 d
grin10000000 17 y
grin100000000 560 y


First install Rust from here. Then you can build the project by simply typing:

cargo build --release

Command-line arguments

$ grin-vanity --help
A vanity slatepack address generator

Usage: grin-vanity [OPTIONS]

  -p, --pattern <PATTERN>    Desired pattern [default: grin1234]
  -t, --threads <THREADS>    Threads [default: 1]
  -i, --interval <INTERVAL>  Refresh Interval [default: 1]
  -h, --help                 Print help
  -V, --version              Print version


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