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A tool that makes you happy

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Grateful is a command line interface (CLI) that enables you to boost your happyness by prompting you to write three things that you are grateful for every day.

Quick start

Installing this CLI requires cargo, the rust package manager. If you don't have it you can get it on mac with brew install cargo. Once you have cargo install the CLI with

cargo install grateful-cli

If you're on mac and you don't want to install cargo you can also just download the binary ./target/release/grateful and add it to your $PATH

Enter grateful into your terminal and it will prompt you to enter three things you're grateful for. Just type

What are you grateful for today? (3) > beans, I really like beans
What are you grateful for today? (2) > carrots, mmm so fresh
What are you grateful for today? (1) > potatoes, can't do without 'em

The only arguments you can pass are history, last, and count. These commands display all of your entries and your last entry respectively.


Example use of the cli


Who is this for? Are you an unhappy ungrateful person who never gives thanks for the things that you have? Or perhaps you already do this but you wanna do it from the command line!

Why do I need grateful-cli? It enables you to give thanks more easily, and to look through all the things you've been thankful for later. Everyone on the internet says that it will make you happier.

Does this really work? Yes it does! Doing this excersise every day actually makes you happier. An ex-psych student once told me that.


  • Implement tests
  • Help menu
  • Better handling of the args (is this even necessary? It's such a tiny script)
    • Allow basic options like --version, (but maybe this is extra, it's such a tiny tool)
    • only grateful with no additional args should start the data entry prompt, currently it just runs in this mode default whenever there's an error
  • Refactor
    • improve nondoc comments
    • understand docs and rust doc comments
    • better file structure
    • make it more readable in general
  • Better logs (trace error etc)
  • bugfix, grateful last returns the first element of the json file instead of the last one.
  • Find and link supporting documentation that validates claims about how this makes you happy.
  • Prettier displays
  • Eliminate need for dummy grateful statement

If you like this cli and want a new feature just send me a message! Also, contributions are welcome.

Appendix / MISC

Thanks Jake for inspiring little crate with tempus-cli.

Statement of Apology: I am a really stupid person, version 0.0.1 DOESN'T WORK, I'm really sorry about that. Versions ^0.0.2 work. Please forgive me for this very poor code, it's my first package. Also, the first package I pushed was miss-spelled "greatful-cli" instead of "grateful-cli", don't install "greatful-cli" it doesn't work! I will yank it and contact the rust people to ask them about removing it.


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