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A CLI tool to analyze partition tables

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2.0.0 Dec 22, 2020
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A CLI tool to analyze partition tables

🦀 Features

gptinfo is a command line tool to list partition tables on a block device for UEFI systems. It can:

  • Display information in an fdisk -l-style table on a per-partition basis
    • Device type based on its GUID
    • Start/End LBAs and total sector count
    • Partition size

✨ In Action

📥 Installation

# install cargo through rustup
curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf https://sh.rustup.rs | sh

# install crate
cargo install gptinfo

🛠️ Usage

$ gptinfo --help
gptinfo v2.0.0

	gptinfo [-h/-v] <device>

	-h, --help    - display this help message
	-v, --version - print the current version of `gptinfo`

	device        - block device to read GPT from (default: /dev/sda)

🔮 Contributing

If you feel like you can make a meaningful contribution to gptinfo, feel free to fork this repository and create a pull request! Feature requests and bugs can be filed on the issues tab.

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