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Open source Rust Library for interacting with GoPro Cameras over BLE and WiFi

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Open source Rust Library for interacting with GoPro Cameras over BLE and (maybe eventually) WiFi


GoPros are neat little devices but the only good way of interacting with them is through their mobile app which isn't extensible. This crate hopes to provide a starting point for programatically controling the cameras wirelessly and eventually downloading media from them with more DIY friendly computers such as Raspberry Pis and other SBCs, microcontrollers etc.

GoPro Specification


Supported Cameras

  • GoPro Hero 11 Black

I don't own any other models to test with so for now all I can verify for is the Hero 11 Black. The command structure looks the same for all cameras so it should work with any camera that supports the OpenGoPro spec, however the settings vary between cameras so I can't gurantee that any particular setting will work with a different model.

Features -- WIP

  • Connect *(See Pairing Notes)
  • Commands:
    • Shutter Start
    • Shutter Stop
    • Power Off
    • Add HiLight
    • Change Modes
  • Settings:
    • Resolution
    • FPS
    • AutoPowerDown
    • VideoDigitalLense
    • PhotoDigitalLense,
    • TimeLapseDigitalLense,
    • MediaFormat,
    • AntiFlicker,
    • Hypersmooth,
    • HorizonLeveling,
    • MaxLense,
    • Hindsight,
    • Controls,
    • Speed,
    • NightPhoto,
    • WirelessBand,
    • TrailLength,
    • VideoMode,
  • Query Camera Status And Settings:
  • Interpret Camera Status in a human friendly way
  • Download media from camera
  • Live preview
  • WiFi support
  • More Camera Models
  • Protobuf support



The BLE also seems kinda flakey on a cold start. Getting pairing to work (or even reconnecting after the GoPro has fully gone to sleep after 10 hours of inactivity) can require powering the camera off and on a few times or removing and reinserting the battery.


At the moment the library cannot pair the camera for the first time. You must pair the camera with your system by putting the camera in pairing mode (Preferences -> Wireless Connections -> Connect Device -> GoPro Quik App) and connecting in your system's bluetooth settings. Once the camera is paired, you can connect to it from this library without pairing mode.


The camera will continue to send advertising packets for 10 hours after it is turned off. During this time, reconnecting to it will cause it to wake up and resume idling in the preset it was left in.

Supported Platforms

This library is currently only tested on Linux, though it is not intended to be plaform specific.

Basic Usage

use gopro_controller::{connect, init, scan, GoProCommand};
use std::time::Duration;
use tokio::time;

let mut central = init(None).await.unwrap();
let mut devices = scan(&mut central).await.unwrap();
devices.retain(|d| d.contains("GoPro"));
assert!(devices.len() > 0, "No GoPro devices found");

let gopro = connect(devices.first().unwrap().clone(), &mut central)

println!("Connected to GoPro");

println!("Starting Shutter");

//Record for 3 Seconds
println!("Stopping Shutter");

println!("Powering Off");


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