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Open the current remote repository in your browser

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Some of the flags and options are subject to change in the future. Ideas are welcome. Ideas are bulletproof (V).

gitweb is a command line interface I created mainly to learn Rust.



๐Ÿบ The homebrew way

brew install yoannfleurydev/gitweb/gitweb
# or
brew tap yoannfleurydev/gitweb
brew install gitweb

๐Ÿ“ฆ The Cargo way

cargo install gitweb

โš™๏ธ The binary way

Download the binary from the latest release and put it in your PATH.

๐Ÿ–ฅ The MacPorts way

sudo port selfupdate
sudo port install gitweb


gitweb will by default open the remote in the browser of the current repository.

gitweb 0.3.1

    gitweb [FLAGS] [OPTIONS]

    -h, --help             Prints help information
    -M, --merge-request    Set the merge request flag
    -V, --version          Prints version information
    -v, --verbose          Set the verbosity of the command

    -b, --branch <branch>      Set the branch (alias for --tag)
    -B, --browser <browser>    Set the browser [env: BROWSER=]
    -c, --commit <commit>      Set a commit
    -r, --remote <remote>      Set the remote
    -t, --tag <tag>            Set the tag (alias for --branch)

--branch, --tag

gitweb will open the current branch or tag on the remote repository. You can override the behavior by giving either --branch or --tag flag with the custom branch or tag you want to open in the browser.


gitweb tries to start one of the following browser (in that order of priority):

  • --browser option given in the command line
  • $BROWSER on Linux ๐Ÿง or %BROWSER% on Windows ๐Ÿ (this is a non standard variable)
  • the default web browser on the system


gitweb will open the commit given as a parameter on the remote repository.


gitweb will open the origin remote if it exists. You can override the behavior by giving the --remote flag with the custom remote you want to open.


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