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gitt is a clone of gitk that runs in your terminal.

Screenshot of gitt


gitt with no parameters will show you the history of the current branch in the current directory.

Git repository viewer in your terminal

    gitt [OPTIONS] [COMMITTISH] [-- <path>...]

    <COMMITTISH>    Git ref to view
    <path>...       Limit commits to the ones touching files in the given paths

    -h, --help                        Print help information
        --verbose                     Emit processing messages
        --working-directory <PATH>    Use PATH as the working directory of git

Use the arrow keys or j and k to scroll the list or diff, and tab to switch the focus between the list and diff.

g and G scrolls to the top and bottom of the focussed area.

q terminates gitt.


gitk is an underrated tool and a big improvement over git log. However, it is generally invoked from a terminal and on tiling window managers this means wasted screen real estate for the now unused terminal. The UI elements are frequently incorrectly sized, more-so than simply due to screen real estate changing, but entire columns truncated or the diff pushed off the edge of the window. Finally, copying and pasting SHA1s requires leaving the application open (I will often copy the SHA1 into a random terminal in order to preserve it after I close gitk).

gitt is a useful learning experience for myself and nicely addresses my main pain points when using gitk.

gitt is intended to be a gitk clone, and not a tool to help with other git workflows. For example gitui or tig include features to help with stage changes. This is intentionally out of scope for gitt.


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