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bin+lib github-heatmap

A CLI tool used to scrape a Github profile and mirror the SVG contribution heatmap as Unicode

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A CLI tool built with Rust to scrape a Github profile and mirror the SVG heatmap as Unicode.

This is intended to be a fun little project to play around with scraping with Rust. I know that it's not the most efficient way to get these results, especially given that Github's GraphQL API is quite extensive.

Basic Usage

github-heatmap <slug> <args>


Argument Alias Description Type Default
Slug Github profile slug, e.g. torvalds String
--color -c Heatmap color scheme. Nodes will be shaded depending on heat level. red | green | blue green
--year -y Specific year to fetch contributions. If not provided, contributions will be fetched for the last 365 days. String


Default arguments

github-heatmap torvalds

default example

Alternative Color

github-heatmap torvalds -c blue

alternative colors example

Filter by year

github-heatmap torvalds -y 2022

filter by years example


  • Error handling
  • Argument validation/value parsers
  • Testing
  • Documentation
  • Publish to crates.io


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