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Software development platform with built-in vcs, issue tracking and code review

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Please note that this crate published here on crates.io is currently empty. Once GitArena is ready for publishing, it will be published under this crate name. The current crate has only been uploaded to reserve this crate name.

GitArena is a software development platform with built-in vcs, issue tracking and code review. It is meant as a lightweight and performant alternative to the likes of GitLab and Gitea, built with self-hosting and cross-platform/cross-architecture support in mind.


Currently, GitArena is work in progress and is not yet fully featured. The basics such as repositories and pushing/pulling as well as accounts work. Please see the issues tab for features that are still work in progress.


Latest Rust stable toolchain and compiler is required to be installed.

$ cargo build --release

Cargo will build all required dependencies as well as GitArena itself. The resulting binary can be found in ./target/release.


In order to run GitArena, the following environment variable needs to be set:

After start GitArena will automatically create the required table as defined in schema.sql. Please edit the settings table to configure your GitArena instance. In the future this will be do-able in the web ui.

Afterwards your GitArena instance will be fully set up and you can register your account. In order to access the admin panel (/admin), please set admin on your user account in the users table to true.




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