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This is a crate for substring searching (with functionality similar to the memmem function in C). So far, it only contains a copy of the two-way search implementation from rust's standard library (but with an API that allows searching in &[u8]). Eventually, we plan to provide other searching algorithms, and possibly also some heuristics to choose a good searching algorithm based on the substring we are looking for.

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A crate for string searching. The main trait is Searcher, which has a function for finding fixed things in long byte-strings. Currently, the only implementer of Searcher is TwoWaySearcher.


use memmem::{Searcher, TwoWaySearcher};
let search = TwoWaySearcher::new("dog".as_bytes());
assert_eq!(search.search_in("The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog.".as_bytes()), Some(41));

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