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A CLI app which can help users automatically add co-author(s) to git commits for pair/mob programming

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git mob

CLI app to help you automatically add Co-authored-by trailers to git commits during pair/mob programming

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You can attribute a git commit to more than one author by adding one or more Co-authored-by trailers to the commit's message. Co-authored commits are visible on GitHub. For more information, see here.

This CLI app will help you add them automatically and also help you store and manage co-authors for pair/mob programming sessions.


  • Cross-platform
  • Co-authors management via CLI
  • Multi-select menu to choose co-author(s) for mobbing
  • Automatic appending of Co-authored-by trailers to commit
  • No need of any git aliases



With Binary Package:

  • Download and extract the appropriate binary depending on your OS from the latest GitHub release
  • Ensure the binary is in your PATH variable e.g. you may place the file in C:\Windows on Windows or /usr/local/bin on Linux and macOS
  • Ensure the binary is set as executable (Linux and macOS)
    $ chmod +x ./git-mob

With Cargo:

$ cargo install git-mob-tool


  • Store your team members' details with keys (usually initials)

    $ git mob coauthor --add lm "Leo Messi" leo.messi@example.com
    $ git mob coauthor --add em "Emi Martinez" emi.martinez@example.com
    $ git mob coauthor --add sa "Sergio Aguero" sergio.aguero@example.com
  • Set a global githooks directory

    $ mkdir ~/git
    $ git config --global core.hooksPath "~/git"
  • Download the prepare-commit-msg file into the directory

  • Ensure it is set as executable (Linux and macOS)

    $ chmod +x ./prepare-commit-msg

    This githook will be used to append the Co-authored-by trailers to the commit's message.

    This githook also adds a Jira Issue ID as a prefix to the commit message if the branch name starts with a string resembling one. If you don't want want this, comment out line 42 which calls the function add_jira_issue_id_prefix.


  • To mob with some team member(s):

    $ git mob --with
    ? Select active co-author(s):
    > [ ] Leo Messi <leo.messi@example.com>
      [ ] Emi Martinez <emi.martinez@example.com>
      [ ] Sergio Aguero <sergio.aguero@example.com>
    [↑↓ to move, space to select one, → to all, ← to none, type to filter ]

    Alternatively, if you remember the co-author keys, you may bypass the multi-select menu by running:

    $ git mob --with lm em

    This will start a global mob session. Any git commit made afterwards will have Co-authored-by trailers added to the commit message as shown below:

    This is an example commit message
    Co-authored-by: Leo Messi <leo.messi@example.com>
    Co-authored-by: Emi Martinez <emi.martinez@example.com>
  • To clear the mob session:

    $ git mob --clear
  • To view the co-authors in the current mob session:

    $ git mob --list
  • To print help information:

    $ git mob help
    $ git mob help coauthor


  • Try installing the latest version of git


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