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Git Mirror

Git Mirror will watch a GitLab or GitHub groups and keep it in sync with external git repositories.


Install git and git-lfs.

  1. Create group on your gitlab instance or gitlab.com. e.g. mirror-test
  2. Add a repository you like to sync to. e.g my-project
  3. Add a description to the project in YAML format containing an origin field. e.g. origin: https://git.example.org/my-project.git
  4. Execute set the PRIVATE_TOKEN environment variable a personal access token or your private token and execute git-mirror
export PRIVATE_TOKEN="<personal-access-token>"
git-mirror -g mirror-test

This will sync the group mirror-test on gitlab.com. If you want to sync a group on a different GitLab instance, use the -u flag.

git-mirror -g mirror-test -u http://gitlab.example.org

Multiple concurrent jobs

git-mirror allows to execute multiple mirror jobs in parallel using the -c <n> flag.

git-mirror -g mirror-test -c 8

This will execute at most 8 sync jobs in parallel

Description format

For git-mirror to mirror a repository it needs to know where to sync from. In order to achive this git-mirror expects the description field of a mirrored project to be valid YAML with at least an origin field.

origin: https://git.example.org/my-project.git

A list of currently supported fields

  • origin Source repository to mirror from

  • skip Temporarily exclude a project from syncing by adding skip: true

  • destination Reserved for future use

  • lfs Disable git lfs mirror for a specific repo with lfs: false (default is true), only relevant if git-mirror is started with --lfs

  • refspec Push only refspec. Add the refspec list to use it. Any valid refspec is possible. E.g.

    refspec: ["master", "2.0", "+refs/tags/*:refs/tags/*"]

    See also https://git-scm.com/book/en/v2/Git-Internals-The-Refspec

    Note: If set, this field would override the default (global) refspec from the command line option --refspec, if specified. Multiple refs can be set by repeating the option.

Any other fields are ignored

Mirror to GitHub

git-mirror also supports mirroring to GitHub.

This can be done by specifying GitHub as provider:

export PRIVATE_TOKEN="<personal-access-token>"
git-mirror -g mirror-test -p GitHub

This has been tested against github.com but it might also work with on premise installations of GitHub.


There is also a docker image available. It can be used as follows:

docker run -e PRIVATE_TOKEN="x" bachp/git-mirror git-mirror -g mirror -u http://gitlab.example.com

Building & Installing

In order to build this project you need a least rust v1.18.0. The easiest way to get rust is via: rustup.rs

The project can be built using cargo

cargo build

They're using Git Mirror


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details


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