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app pr_mod

Program to look PR modifications

5 stable releases

1.1.3 Jan 31, 2024
1.1.2 Jan 29, 2024
1.1.1 Jan 24, 2024
1.1.0 Jan 17, 2024
1.0.0 Jan 12, 2024

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Is it true that when you look at the modifications you have made in a PR, your perspective expands when you are on Github or Gitlab, right?

So, with this program written in Rust, you will be able to dynamically visualize the modifications to your PR without the need to push.

  • 0 dependencies
  • Windows/Linux/Mac
  • fast
cargo install pr_mod


pr_mod update


Navigate to the respective repository, run pr_mod, and it will open an HTML file in the localhost browser with all the detailed information about the pull request.


No runtime deps