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Inspects the last release published to a GitHub repository

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0.1.1 Jul 16, 2023
0.1.0 Sep 16, 2022

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A command line interface (CLI) used to inspect the last release published to a GitHub repository.

Screenshot of ghlast inspecting ripgrep


One benefit this has over just bookmarking a URL to /owner/name/releases/latest/download/asset-name.zip is that this CLI will pick up pre-releases.

For instance at the time of writing this the Neovim project has a v0.8.0 prerelease build that they tag as nightly. If you use the static URL above you will instead get the stable v0.7.2 build instead.

Screenshot of ghlast inspecting neovim

I personally use it to get the latest and greatest of a binary...

#!/usr/bin/env bash

URL="$(ghlast neovim neovim --output assets | grep 'appimage$')"
curl "${URL}" --location --silent --output ~/bin/nvim && \
  chmod 755 ~/bin/nvim


Install using cargo:

cargo install ghlast

Pre-compiled Binaries

An alternative method is to download and run the pre-compiled binaries:



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