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Various small useful add-ons for the ggez game framework

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0.1.0 May 5, 2018

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Useful modules for the ggez Rust game framework.

Each module is meant to be pretty much self-contained without relying on the others. Or if it does rely on others, it will be in a strictly incremental fashion.

Currently this is very incomplete but hopefully semi-useful. If nothing else it should be a good place to start for making your own versions of the same tasks.


  • Input indirection layer and state tracking
  • Scene manager
  • Camera
  • Particle system (incomplete)

Modules to create

  • Sprites with ordering, animation, atlasing, tile mapping, 3x3 sprites... (look at https://docs.rs/piston2d-sprite/0.28.0/sprite/index.html) (also look at XNA's sprite system, FNA's implementation of such, Godot, Cocos2D)
  • GUI (conrod? imgui? ozkriff's ggez-zgui?)
  • In-game debugger...?

Useful goodies made by other people


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