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GE-Man - Glorious Eggroll version manager

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GE-Man is a version manager for GE Proton and Wine GE versions.

Currently, it has the following features:

  • Manage Proton GE or Wine GE versions
    • Download versions by their Github release tag
    • Remove downloaded versions
    • Set the default Proton version for Steam
    • Set the default Wine version for Lutris
    • Check for the latest releases
    • List managed releases
  • Copy a Proton user-settings file from one version to another

And these features are planned:

  • Add labels to a version
  • Apply a version by manually specifying its directory path
  • Remove versions that are before release X to free disk space
  • More functionality for the user-settings command
    • Apply a user-settings.py file to a version
    • Add a user-settings.py file to GE-Man to make it applicable


This project is build by using Cargo - Rust's package manager. Additionally, cross can be used to verify builds for other architectures.

For local development the library crate GE-Man-Lib needs to be present on the same directory root as the GE-Man directory (../GE-Man-Lib).

The library crate requires a version of OpenSSL to be present for linking. By default, the installed OpenSSL version of the system is used. When building with cross the vendored-openssl feature must be used, so the build does not fail due to no OpenSSL library being present.


GE-Man can be installed with cargo or by downloading the precompiled binaries from the release page.

cargo install ge-man

When installing with cargo the resulting binary is placed into $HOME/.cargo. To make the binary accessible from everywhere in a terminal add the $HOME/.cargo path to the PATH environment variable.


See CHANGELOG.md for all changes.


GE-Man provides the following commands:

  • add - Add a GE Proton or Wine GE version
  • remove (rm) - Remove a GE Proton version or Wine GE version
  • check (ck) - Display the latest GE Proton, Wine GE and Wine GE LoL version
  • apply - Set the default compatibility tool for Steam or Lutris
  • list - List versions managed by ge-man
  • migrate - (mg) - Make an existing GE version manageable by ge-man
  • user-settings (us) - Commands that relate to Proton user-settings.py files
    • copy - Copy a user-settings.py file from on Proton version to another

Every command supports a --help argument to view possible parameters and general usage information.

How do I add a new version?

# Proton GE
ge-man add -p GE-Proton7-8

# Wine GE
ge-man add -w GE-Proton7-6

# Wine GE for LoL
ge-man add -l 7.0-GE-1-LoL

You can also directly apply the downloaded version by using the --apply option.
If no release is provided to the -p, -w and -l options, the latest release is downloaded.

How do I remove a version?

# Proton GE
ge-man rm -p GE-Proton7-8

# Wine GE
ge-man rm -w GE-Proton7-6

# Wine GE for LoL
ge-man rm -l 7.0-GE-1-LoL

This operation will delete the versions file from the hard drive. If you wish to keep the files and only "forget" the version in ge-man then use the forget command.

How can I view the latest releases?

# All GE kinds
ge-man check

# Proton GE
ge-man check -p

# Wine GE
ge-man check -w

# Wine GE for LoL
ge-man check -l

How can I remove a version without deleting its files?

# Proton GE
ge-man forget -p GE-Proton7-8

# Wine GE
ge-man forget -w GE-Proton7-6

# Wine GE for LoL
ge-man forget -l 7.0-GE-1-LoL

How can I list the ge-man managed versions?

# All GE kinds
ge-man list

# Proton GE
ge-man list -p

# Wine GE
ge-man list -w

# Wine GE for LoL
ge-man list -l

How can I make my existing GE versions manageable by GE-Man?

To make an existing version manageable by ge-man you need to use the migrate command. The migrate command takes a path to a directory containing a GE version and the kind of GE version.

# Proton GE
ge-man migrate -s $HOME/.local/share/Steam/compatibilitytools.d/GE-Proton7-8 -p GE-Proton7-8

# Wine GE
ge-man migrate -s $HOME/.local/share/lutris/runners/wine/lutris-GE-Proton7-6-x86_64/ -w GE-Proton7-6

# Wine GE for LoL
ge-man migrate -s $HOME/.local/share/lutris/runners/wine/lutris-ge-7.0-1-lol-x86_64 -l 7.0-GE-1-LoL


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