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A Dalamud version manager that makes working with different releases of Dalamud simple

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Nael is not yet considered stable and is subject to breaking changes. If you're using it in CI or scripts it you should pin to a specific version to avoid breakage. This includes both the nael_core crate and the nael binary.

You're looking at the README for nael the command-line tool. If you're looking for thenael_core library, please go here.

A Dalamud version manager that makes working with different releases (branches) of Dalamud simple, inspired by nvm.


  • Quick installs and updates from release distribution sources.
  • Instant switching between multiple locally-installed branches.
  • Update checks from a remote source to only run an update when out of date.
  • Compliant with all major operating system storage standards.
  • No configuration files, everything is completely filesystem based.
  • Implemented safely with a project-agnostic crate.
  • Cross-platform and able to run on most major operating systems.

Check the examples section to see some examples of usage.


WINDOWS USERS will have to enable Developer Mode in order to use Nael outside of an administrator context due to Windows preventing the creation of symlinks without it enabled.

The best way to install is by using Cargo to fetch it from crates.io and compile it for your machine. For some architectures (e.g. aarch64) this is currently the only way to install Nael.

Once you have Cargo setup locally, simply run the following to download and compile for your system:

cargo install nael

Prebuilt binaries

Pre-built binaries are available for all targets that cargo-dist can support and are built using the latest versions of Rust. To download one for your system, go to the GitHub releases page and download the right release asset for your architecture and operating system add place it somewhere in your system $PATH.

Other package managers

Nael is not available from any package manager at this time.

Setting up DALAMUD_HOME with Nael

Testing is required here. PRs are welcome to help improve this section!

DALAMUD_HOME is the community-accepted environment variable for setting a custom Dalamud path.

Setting an environment variable depends on the shell you're using. For most POSIX-compliant shells you should be able to just add the following to your shell configuration:

export DALAMUD_HOME=$(nael symlink-path)

If you cannot, or do not want to, call Nael to get the path when setting the environment variable you can run nael symlink-path and place the command output in your environment configuration instead. The symlink returned from this command will always point to the active version if one is set (note: if no active version is set, this symlink will not exist or will lead to a dead path.).

Integrating with C# Projects

Add the following to your .csproj or .targets file, replacing any existing definitions of DalamudLibPath property.

  <DalamudLibPath Condition="$([MSBuild]::IsOSPlatform('Windows'))">$(appdata)\XIVLauncher\addon\Hooks\dev\</DalamudLibPath>
  <DalamudLibPath Condition="$([MSBuild]::IsOSPlatform('Linux'))">$(HOME)/.xlcore/dalamud/Hooks/dev/</DalamudLibPath>
  <DalamudLibPath Condition="$([MSBuild]::IsOSPlatform('OSX'))">$(HOME)/Library/Application Support/XIV on Mac/dalamud/Hooks/dev/</DalamudLibPath>
  <DalamudLibPath Condition="$(DALAMUD_HOME) != ''">$(DALAMUD_HOME)/</DalamudLibPath>

You will now be able to use the DALAMUD_HOME environment variable to override the default DalamudLibPath and use Nael to manage your Dalamud version instead - if DALAMUD_HOME isn't set the per-platform paths will be used instead.


Show all command line options:

> nael help
A Dalamud version manager that makes working with different releases of Dalamud simple.

Usage: nael <COMMAND>

  install       Install a Dalamud release from the specified branch
  update        Update a local branch to the latest version
  remove        Remove a branch from this system
  list          List all installed branches
  use           Switch the currently active branch
  active        Get information about the active branch
  symlink-path  Get the path to the symlink that always points to the active branch
  info          Show information about the specified branch
  help          Print this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)

  -h, --help     Print help
  -V, --version  Print version

Installing a Dalamud release from the latest branch:

> nael install latest
Successfully installed branch 'latest' with version ''.

Updating the latest branch

> nael update latest
Branch is already up to date.

Setting the active branch to latest:

> nael use latest
Successfully set branch 'latest' as active.

Listing all installed branches

> nael list
Installed branches:
 - stg
 - v9
 * latest

Getting information about the active version:

> nael active
> nael active --format path

Getting local information about the latest branch:
Optionally, see remote information instead with the --remote flag.

> nael info latest
Local version information for branch latest:
- Version:
- Git Sha: unknown
- Revision: unknown
- Key: N/A
- Supported GameVer: 2023.03.24.0000.0000
- Runtime version: 7.0.0
- Runtime required: true


This project is dual-licensed under both the MIT License and the Apache License (Version 2.0). See LICENSE-MIT and LICENSE-APACHE for more details.


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