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A standalone scene editor for Fyrox game engine

5 releases (3 breaking)

0.14.1 Aug 7, 2022
0.14.0 Aug 7, 2022
0.13.0 May 27, 2022
0.12.0 May 15, 2022
0.11.0 Jan 11, 2022

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MIT license

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FyroxEd (standalone)

WARNING: Standalone version of the editor is not supported, use project template generator to utilize the full power of the editor. Standalone version does not support plugins and scripts, it won't be update in next releases!

A standalone version of FyroxEd - native editor of Fyrox engine. The standalone version allows you only to create and edit scenes, but not run your game in the editor. Please see the book to learn how to use the editor in different ways.

How to install and run

To install the latest stable standalone version from crates.io use:

cargo install fyroxed

After that, you can run the editor by simply calling:


If you're on Linux, please make sure that the following dependencies are installed:

sudo apt install libxcb-shape0-dev libxcb-xfixes0-dev libxcb1-dev libxkbcommon-dev libasound2-dev


  • [Click] - Select
  • [W][S][A][D] - Move camera
  • [Space][Q]/[E] - Raise/Lower Camera
  • - Select interaction mode
  • - Move interaction mode
  • - Scale interaction mode
  • - Rotate interaction mode
  • [Ctrl]+[Z] - Undo
  • [Ctrl]+[Y] - Redo]()


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