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Basic serializers to use with fuzzcheck-rs

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This crate provides implementations of the Serializer trait defined by fuzzcheck.

There are currently two choices:

  1. ByteSerializer serializes a Vec<u8> by directly writing the bits to a file. You can choose the file extension.
  2. SerdeSerializer uses serde and serde_json to serialize any serde-Serializable type to a json file. Accessible through the serde-json feature.
  3. JsonSerializer is a lightweight alternative to SerdeSerializer that uses the json and decent-serde-json-alternative crates. Accessible through the serde-json-alternative feature.


This crate contains types implementing the Serializer trait of fuzzcheck. There are currently two implementations:

  • SerdeSerializer uses the serde and serde_json crate to serialize the test inputs (of arbitrary Serializable type) to a .json file. It is available under the “serde” feature

  • [ByteSerializer] encodes and decodes values of type Vec<u8> by simply copy/pasting the bytes from/to the files. The extension is customizable.