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fts_depends is a Rust command line tool for printing recursive binary dependencies.

It's similar to Dependency Walker but much faster. Under the hood it recursively calls dumpbin.exe.


Basic Usage: fts_depends.exe path/to/bin.exe

Tree View: fts_depends.exe path/to/bin.exe --tree-print

If a dependency can't be located then it displays a clear ⚠️ Not Found ⚠️ message like this:


Download from Releases or run cargo install fts_depends.

fts_depends.exe requires dumpbin.exe, which is typically installed with Visual Studio. If you installed Visual Studio into default location then dumpbin.exe with be discovered automatically. Otherwise its location can be specified via --dumpbin path/to/dumpbin.exe.


fts_depends is basically a wrapper around dumpbin.exe. It doesn't actually load any libraries. This makes it fast but less precise. Many programs and launcher scripts do horrible things to their PATH. This tool doesn't know about those runtime paths so it may report a dependency as missing when it would be found.

That said, the primary motivation behind this tool is to debug why a library will fail to load. It serves that purpose well enough.


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