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The CLI Application of Gitignored. Provide A Faster Way to Generate .gitignore File via Caching

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An Offline-first CLI application that let the developer generate various .gitignore templates

The templates are taken from the web application Gitignored, which is the GUI application of this application, check out the repository if you are interested

Side note: The GUI application takes the templates from gitignore of Github

Here's what the developers can do with this application

  1. View the name of all available templates
  2. Search to find out whether a name of a template exists
  3. Preview each template(s) searched, it will include the closest template if there's typo in the name searched, i.e JetBrains for jetbrain
  4. Generate template(s) to a .gitignore file, will not override current .gitignore, pass -f to forcefully override
  5. Generate template(s) to a specified directory, i.e temp/temp1, it will auto generate at as temp/temp1/.gitignore
  6. Append template(s) to an existing .gitignore file, it will create one if it does not exist
  7. Append template(s) to an existing .gitignore file of a specified directory, again it will create one if it does not exist
  8. Update the cache to receive latest templates

You don't need to have an internet connection to use it, unless you want to update the cache

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Default or Help

Default or Help

Update Available

Update Available

Default Listing

Default Listing

Listing with column number specified

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Default Generate

Default Generate Error Default Generate

Force Generate

Force Generate

Generate with outdir specified

Outdir generate

Default Append

Default Append

Append with outdir specified

Outdir Append

Updated Cache


Updating Cache


Of course, input validation

Input Validation

How To Use

Install it

cargo install gitignored-cli

Run it

gitignored-cli (commands)

Tech Used

Aspect Name
Language Rust
Linting Clippy
Format Rustfmt
Build Automation Tool Make
Text Editor NeoVim
Package Manager Cargo
Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and Continuous Deployment GitHub Actions

Make Commands

Below are the listed commands that you can use to build/develop/test this app

Command Usage
make test-dev Run all test code in development environment
make test-prod Run all test code in ci-cd
make build Bundle, build and release the app as executable
make check Run compiler checking on code
make lint Run linter for code
make format Run formatter to format the code


I used localhost instead of using the url of a production-ready web application to speed up development process as the API call can be processed much quicker

  1. Clone this cli repo and this web repo
  2. Refer to the commands specified in each Makefile


Make sure you can run make, otherwise you need to run commands listed in Makefile separately

  1. Open an issue
  2. Fork this repo and this repo
  3. Write test


Refer to here


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