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File System eXerciser

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File System eXerciser

Test file system I/O routines for correctness, with random input.

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fsx generates a pseudorandom sequence of file modifications and applies them to the file system under test. On every read, it verifies the expected data. It's highly configurable, and the test sequence is 100% reproducible according to a seed value.


The first version of FSX was written in C at Apple Computer, beginning in 1998, by Avadis Tevanian Jr. It was imported into FreeBSD 5.0 by Jordan Hubbard, but only as a development tool. It was never installed as part of any release. It's had occasional enhancements since then.

FSX was independently imported into Linux in 2001 by user robbiew, and has occasionally merged in features from the FreeBSD version.

A tool by the same name was included in DEC Unix 4.0, but I don't think it shared any code.

This version is a full rewrite in Rust, by Alan Somers.


First, create the file system under test and ensure that the current user can write to it. Then run

fsx [OPTIONS] /path/to/filesystem/testfile


fsx-rs is fully compatible with The C-based fsx. Given the same seed, the two implementations will produce exactly the same sequence of file system operations. Some of the options are slightly different. If migrating from the C-based FSX, adapt like so:

C-based FSX option fsx-rs equivalent
-d env RUST_LOG=debug
-d -q env RUST_LOG=info
-m env RUST_LOG=warn fsx -m xxx
-p N fsx ... 2>&1 | awk '$3 % N == 0{print}'
-s no equivalent
-L -B -P ...
-D N fsx ... 2>&1 | awk '$3 >= N {print}

Minimum Supported Rust Version (MSRV)

fsx does not guarantee any specific MSRV. Rather, it guarantees compatibility with the oldest rustc shipped in the package collection of each supported operating system.


fsx is distributed until the Apple Public Source License version 2.0. See LICENSE for details.


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