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Foolang is a Smalltalk-inspired toy language

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0.0.0 Feb 15, 2020

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Build Status License: MIT

The main Foolang website is https://foolang.org, containing syntax, design notes, aspirations, etc.

class Main {}
    class method run: command in: system
        system output println: "Hello world!"

See CONTRIBUTING.md for information on how to contribute. You'll be the first, so it'll be interesting to see how that works out!

Repository organization:

docs/      Markdown files for the https://foolang.org website
elisp/     Emacs mode for Foolang
foo/       Foolang code, including prelude, tests, and examples
src/       Rust code for the bootstrap interpreter
tests/     Rust code for integreation tests
webrepl/   HTML and Javascript for the webrepl, includes CodeMirror which is
             why github thinks this is a javascript repo...


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