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app dvd-term

A bouncing ASCII art DVD logo (or custom text) for the terminal

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0.1.23 May 27, 2024

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A bouncing ASCII art DVD logo (or custom text) for the terminal. Uses figlet-rs for converting 'logo' text into ASCII art.

example gif

Recent Changes


  • Implemented some actual error handling/propogation, to get away from relying on 'unwrap' and 'expect' calls.



  • Install the rust toolchain in order to have cargo installed by following this guide.
  • run cargo install dvd-term


Usage: dvd-term [OPTIONS]

      -t, --text <TEXT>     The custom text to use. Defaults to "DVD"
      -f, --font <FONT>     Specify a custom figlet font path
      -c, --color <COLOR>   Initial logo color code (0-255). Defaults to white (15). (https://ss64.com/bash/syntax-colors.html)
      -r, --random          If included, logo will randomize color when it bounces
      -s, --speed <SPEED>   The speed of the logo (how many 'cells' to move per second). Defaults to 15
      -p, --plain           If included, logo will be displayed in plain text instead of converted to ASCII art
      -a, --art <ART_PATH>  Specify the path of a plain text file with the ASCII art to display
      -h, --help            Print help
      -V, --version         Print version

Contributing (Issues/PRs)

If you encounter any bugs or problems, or you simply have a feature request, please feel free to create an issue or make a pull request, and I'll be happy to review and respond, and merge any PRs that pass a quick review.

See CONTRIBUTING for details.


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