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Converts flo_canvas streams to flo_render streams

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0.2.1 Feb 19, 2021
0.2.0 Feb 17, 2021

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This is a set of libraries that provide a 2D rendering framework for Rust. It provides on and off-screen rendering and an abstraction API.

  • flo_draw is a library that renders 2D graphics on-screen via glutin
  • flo_canvas provides a way to describe 2D drawing operations without being tied to any particular rendering implementation
  • flo_render is an abstraction API that converts low-level rendering instructions to a graphics API (OpenGL and Metal are supported)
  • flo_render_canvas converts the instructions described in flo_canvas to instructions for flo_render (using lyon for the tessellation)
  • flo_render_gl_offscreen helps flo_render by providing system-specific initialisation instructions for offscreen rendering

There are some other implementations of the flo_canvas protocol that are not yet packaged up conveniently: in particular, canvas.js allows rendering to an HTML canvas, and FlowBetween contains implementations for Quartz and Cairo.

Getting started

The flo_draw library is the best place to start, it provides a very easy way to render things on-screen:

use flo_draw::*;
use flo_canvas::*;

pub fn main() {
    with_2d_graphics(|| {
        let canvas = create_canvas_window("Hello, triangle");

        canvas.draw(|gc| {
            gc.clear_canvas(Color::Rgba(0.0, 0.4, 0.4, 1.0));
            gc.center_region(0.0, 0.0, 1000.0, 1000.0);

            gc.move_to(200.0, 200.0);
            gc.line_to(800.0, 200.0);
            gc.line_to(500.0, 800.0);
            gc.line_to(200.0, 200.0);

            gc.fill_color(Color::Rgba(0.0, 0.0, 0.8, 1.0));


See the examples folder in the draw and render_canvas subdirectories for some more things that can be done with the library.


  • cargo run --example canvas_window - displays a basic window
  • cargo run --example bounce_sprites - animates some bouncing balls
  • cargo run --example follow_mouse - demonstrates event handling by tracking the mouse around
  • cargo run --example vectoroids - more involved example of event handling with an incomplete game (arrow keys to move, space to fire)
  • cargo run --example png_triangle - renders a triangle to a png file

Companion crates

flo_draw was developed alongside several other crates, which may be of interest when developing software that uses the canvas:

  • flo_curves provides a lot of functionality for manipulating bezier curves.
  • flo_stream provides pubsub and generator streams, which are useful for distributing events around an application. (See the vectoroids example for a way to use a generator stream as a game clock)
  • desync provides a simpler way to write asynchronous code than traditional threads
  • flo_binding provides a way to convert between state changes and message streams, used in flo_draw to update the window configuration

Version 0.2

This is version 0.2 of flo_draw, which is the initial release. There are a few more things planned for v0.3:

  • Remove this list (I seem to always forget...)
  • Clipping region support (flo_canvas has these but they have no effect in flo_render_canvas yet)
  • Bitmap/textures
  • Gradient fills
  • Tiled textures
  • Text/font support
  • Platform renderer creates (Quartz, HTML canvas, Cairo are currently available)


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