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A flexible linter with rules defined by regular expression

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flexlint is a flexible linter with rules defined by regular expression.

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Download from release page, and extract to the directory in PATH.

Alternatively you can install by cargo.

cargo install flexlint



flexlint 0.1.0
dalance <dalance@gmail.com>
A flexible linter with rules specified by regular expression

    flexlint [FLAGS] [OPTIONS]

    -h, --help       Prints help information
    -s, --simple     Show results by simple format
    -V, --version    Prints version information
    -v, --verbose    Show verbose message

    -r, --rule <rule>    Rule file [default: .flexlint.toml]

Rule file is searched to the upper directory until /. So you can put rule file (.flexlint.toml) on the repository root like .gitignore.

Rule definition

Rule definition is below:

name      =  ""   # name of rule
pattern   =  ""   # check pattern by regexp
required  =  ""   # required pattern by regexp [Optional]
forbidden =  ""   # forbidden pattern by regexp [Optional]
ignore    =  ""   # ignore pattern by regexp [Optional]
hint      =  ""   # hint message
includes  =  [""] # include file globs
excludes  =  [""] # exclude file globs [Optional]

If pattern is matched, required or forbidden is tried to match at the pattern matched point. So required pattern is not matched, or forbidden pattern is matched, then check is failed. required and forbidden is optional, but if both of them is not defined, check is skipped. If the pattern matched point is included in the ignore matched range, check is skipped. If files matched includes match excludes too, the files are skipped.

The example for if with brace of C/C++ is below:

name      = "'if' with brace"
pattern   = '(?m)(^|[\t ])if\s'
forbidden = '(?m)(^|[\t ])if\s[^;{]*$'
ignore    = '(/\*/?([^/]|[^*]/)*\*/)|(//.*\n)'
hint      = "multiline 'if' must have brace"
includes  = ["**/*.c", "**/*.cpp"]
excludes  = ["external/*.c"]

pattern is matched if keyword and forbidden check that if must have ; or { until the end of line. ( This example don't support some brace-style, you can modify it )

ignore is defined to skip single line comment (// ...) and multi-line comment (/* ... */).

Regular expression

The syntax of regular expression follows Rust regex crate.

The example of output

If flexlint is executed in example directory of the repository, the output is below:

$ cd example
$ flexlint
Fail: 'if' with brace
   --> test.c:4:4
4 |     if ( hoge )
  |    ^^^^ hint: multiline 'if' must have brace

Fail: verilog 'always' forbidden
   --> test.sv:7:4
7 |     always @ ( posedge clk ) begin
  |    ^^^^^^^^ hint: 'always' must be replaced to 'always_comb'/'always_ff'

Fail: 'if' with 'begin'
   --> test.sv:13:8
13 |         if ( rst )
   |        ^^^^ hint: 'if' statement must have 'begin'

Fail: 'else' with 'begin'
   --> test.sv:15:8
15 |         else
   |        ^^^^^^ hint: 'else' statement must have 'begin'


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