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This crate exposes the fb! macro to create a function with a flexible signature

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📦 Flexi Func Declarative 🚀

Welcome to Flexi Func Declarative - a Rust crate designed to supercharge your Rust programming experience with two powerful macros: ff (Flexi Func) and fb (Flexi Block) or (Function Builder) 🛠️.

These macros are crafted to simplify and enhance the way you write synchronous and asynchronous code, making your Rust journey smoother and more efficient.

🎁 Features

  • fb! (Flexi Block) or (Function Builder): Inside the sync function write down your (sync or async) versions using fb!
  • fb! Reducing the boilerplate for conditional function generation 🔄.

🚀 Getting Started

This crate is meant to be used with and supplement the flexi_func crate. To start using flexi_func in your project, add it to your Cargo.toml:

flexi_func_declarative = "0.2.7"

Then, import the macros in your Rust file:

use flexi_func::{ff, fb};

💻 Usage

🛠 ff - Flexi Func

The ff macro simplifies the creation of synchronous and asynchronous function variants, including customizable error handling.

Basic Example

fn compute(data: Vec<u8>) -> Result<usize, MyError> {
    // Your synchronous code here

This generates an asynchronous version compute_async alongside the original compute function.
If you need to specify an async version of your code inside your sync function use the fb! declarative macro.

🐞 Custom Error Type

#[ff(error_type = "MyCustomError")]
fn process(data: Vec<u8>) -> Result<usize, MyCustomError> {
    // Your code here

🔄 fb! - Flexi Block or Function Builder

Enhance your Rust arsenal with fb!, a versatile macro designed to dynamically generate both synchronous and asynchronous functions or code blocks. This macro is engineered to minimize redundancy and elevate code clarity, offering a seamless way to craft adaptable code constructs.

✅ Synchronous Function

Create a synchronous function with ease:

fb!(sync, greet, (name: String), -> String, {
    format!("Hello, {}", name)

⚡ Asynchronous Function

Generate an asynchronous function for operations that require awaiting:

fb!(async, fetch_data, (url: String), -> Result<String, reqwest::Error>, {
    // Async fetch operation

🔄 Returning a Closure

For scenarios where you need to capture the surrounding environment or defer execution:

  • Async Closure
let async_closure = fb!(async, closure, {
    // Async code here
// Usage
  • Sync Closure
let sync_closure = fb!(sync, closure, {
    // Sync code here
// Usage

🚀 Immediate Execution

Execute code blocks immediately, without the need to define a separate function:

  • Async Block
let result = fb!(async, execute, {
    // Immediate async execution
// Await the block if necessary
  • Sync Block
fb!(sync, execute, {
    // Immediate sync execution

💡 Advanced Tips

  • Leverage fb! for conditional compilation to dynamically generate sync or async functions, tailoring your code to the application's needs 🎛️.
  • Enhance error management in async operations by combining fb! with Rust's robust error handling features 🚦.

🐳 Contributing

We welcome contributions to make fb! even better. If you're interested in enhancing its functionality or have suggestions, feel free to open issues or submit pull requests 🤝. Your input is invaluable in evolving this tool.

📃 License

This project is licensed under the MIT License, fostering open collaboration and innovation.

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