Cargo Features

firecore-tetra = { version = "0.0.1", default-features = false, features = ["audio", "audio_flac", "audio_mp3", "audio_vorbis", "audio_wav", "font_ttf", "texture_png", "texture_jpeg", "texture_gif", "texture_bmp", "texture_ico", "texture_tiff", "texture_webp", "texture_pnm", "texture_dds", "texture_tga", "serde_support", "sdl2_bundled", "sdl2_static_link"] }
default = audio, audio_mp3, audio_vorbis, audio_wav, font_ttf, texture_bmp, texture_gif, texture_jpeg, texture_png

These default features are set whenever firecore-tetra is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.

audio default audio_flac? audio_mp3 audio_vorbis audio_wav = rodio

Enables the firecore_tetra::audio API. This feature can be disabled if you want to use a different audio API in your game (e.g. FMod or WWise).

Affects firecore-tetra::audio

audio_flac = audio

Enables support for audio formats.

Enables flac of rodio ^0.11

audio_mp3 default = audio

Enables mp3 of rodio ^0.11

audio_vorbis default = audio

Enables vorbis of rodio ^0.11

audio_wav default = audio

Enables wav of rodio ^0.11

font_ttf default = ab_glyph

Enables support for font formats.

texture_png default

Enables support for texture formats.

Enables png of image ^0.23.12

texture_jpeg default

Enables jpeg and jpeg_rayon of image ^0.23.12

texture_gif default

Enables gif of image ^0.23.12

texture_bmp default

Enables bmp of image ^0.23.12


Enables ico of image ^0.23.12


Enables tiff of image ^0.23.12


Enables webp of image ^0.23.12


Enables pnm of image ^0.23.12


Enables dds and dxt of image ^0.23.12


Enables tga of image ^0.23.12

serde_support = serde

Enables support for serialization/deserialization via Serde.

Enables serde of vek ^0.13


Compiles SDL2 from source (see

Enables bundled of sdl2 ^0.34

Links SDL2 statically (see

Enables static-link of sdl2 ^0.34

Features from optional dependencies

In crates that don't use the dep: syntax, optional dependencies automatically become Cargo features.

rodio audio audio_flac? audio_mp3 audio_vorbis audio_wav

Enables rodio ^0.11

serde serde_support?
ab_glyph font_ttf