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FIDO Metadata Service Parser

The FIDO Alliance organisation publishes a "metadata" blob, similar to a certificate transparency report, that lists the status of and trust chains of authenticator devices that have passed their certifications.

This library allows that metadata to be parsed and consumed in a useful manner.


This library implements support to cryptographically verify, parse, validate and post-process the content of the FIDO Metadata Service. The FIDO Metadata Service acts like a "certificate transparency" registry, defining the certification state of hardware authenticators (such as Yubikeys, Windows Hello, Feitan and more). These Metadata describe the features, certification state, signing CA's and more about these devices.

2022-08-12 - FIDO's Metadata currently has a number of data entry errors - due to this, certain authenticator models will NOT be presented or listed when these errors are severe enough.


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