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Bindings to FFTW3: the Fastest Fourier Transform in the West. This library aims to expose the full power of FFTW3 in high-performance, safe and idiomatic manner. NB. FFTW3 is licensed GPLv2 (or later) by default, and so applications using it must be distributed under those terms (the license of these bindings is independent).

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Bindings to FFTW.

This is very basic at the moment, but the plan is to provide high-performance bindings exposing the full power of FFTW in a type- and memory-safe manner, with convenience functions for performing simple tasks simply.


High-level bindings to FFTW3: Fastest Fourier Transform in the West.

At the moment, this only provides one-dimensional complex-to-complex transforms via c2c_1d, with no explicit plan reuse.

There are some modules that provide helpers to make using the low-level interface manually slightly nicer and safer, in particular the lock module assists with keeping the use of FFTW3 threadsafe, and the plan module gives a nicer interface to creating and using plans.


The FFTW3 library is licensed under GPLv2 (or later) with non-free/commercial licenses available from MIT via the FFTW website. On the other hand, these bindings are dual-licensed MIT/Apache-2.0, however, any application using FFTW3 via these bindings must still be distributed under the terms of the GPL (unless a non-free license has been arranged). The explicit difference in licenses is to enable code-reuse between these bindings and bindings to other FFT libraries.


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