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High level parsing of metadata from OpenType font files

0.0.0 Jan 12, 2023

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This crate provides a high level interface for reading font metadata. It is built on top of the read-fonts low level parsing library.

This is still in very early stages and not yet ready for use.


The first cut of the library intends to expose the following metadata:

  • Variation axes and named instances
    • Conversion to normalized coordinates
  • Global font metrics with variation support (units per em, ascender, descender, etc)
  • Glyph metrics with variation support (advance width, left side-bearing, etc)
  • Codepoint to nominal glyph identifier mapping
    • Unicode variation selectors

Future goals include:

  • Localized strings
  • Layout feature enumeration
    • Coverage (is a particular glyph processed by a feature?)
  • Color palettes
  • Bitmap strikes


This library is not intended to support glyph scaling (loading and hinting of outlines) or shaping (processing of subsitution and positioning features).


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