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flexi-parse is a parsing library intended to be more flexible than parser generators and parser combinators, while still being simple to use.


  • Flexible. The parsing machinery supports many diverse grammars, with support for semantic whitespace, single- and double-quoted strings, custom delimiters, and more.
  • Simplicity. Built-in types for common symbols and helper macros for punctuation and keywords mean very little hacking is required to parse complex grammars.
  • Robustness. Powerful error recovery functionality in both the scanner and the parser allows for reporting every syntax error in a file with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Familiarity. The API is very similar to that of syn, making transfer from syn very simple.


Examples of this library in use can be found under the examples directory. calc.rs is a very simple command line calculator in under 100 lines of code, and lox is an implementation of the Lox language from Crafting Interpreters with full compile-time error recovery.


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