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A Nano (cryptocurrency) node and utilities such as nano addresses, hashing blocks, signing, etc

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What is Feeless?

Feeless is a Nano cryptocurrency node, wallet, tools, and Rust crate. This is not the official project for Nano, only an implementation written in Rust. The official Nano node implementation lives here.

🚸 This is a work in progress. The API will probably change without notice until v0.2. 🚸

I decided to start this project as a personal adventure of understanding Nano. I give no promises about my future motivation to complete this project 🤐.


Please visit the documentation website for general information, features, installation, CLI usage and more.


What is Nano?

Nano is digital money that significantly improves on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The main features of Nano are:

  • No transaction fees.

  • Extremely fast to send money—less than 1 second for 100% confirmation.

    Bitcoin takes 10 minutes on average for ~80%1 confirmation. Nano is more asynchronous than Bitcoin—individual transactions are voted on separately from the rest of the network.
  • Highly decentralized.

    Using the Nakamoto coefficient measurement, it is more decentralized than Bitcoin2 3.

  • No inflation.

  • Green—Massively less energy use than Bitcoin.

For more information on what Nano is, see the Nano documentation: https://docs.nano.org/what-is-nano/overview/

Nano is also known as: Nano cryptocurrency, Nano coin, RaiBlocks.

1. The Bitcoin white paper, under section 11 "Calculations" explains there's a ~80% chance for an attacker with 10% mining power to overtake the longest chain. https://bitcoin.org/bitcoin.pdf 2. Measuring Decentralization in Bitcoin and Ethereum using Multiple Metrics and Granularities https://arxiv.org/pdf/2101.10699.pdf 3. List of representative nodes showing a Nakamoto coefficient of 8 at the time of writing (2021-02) https://nanocharts.info/

Task list

A medium term task list:

  • Seeds
    • Mnemonic (word list) seed generation/parsing (BIP39)
    • Derive keys from mnemonic (BIP33)
    • Hex seeds
  • Keys (ed25519/blake2b)
    • Private keys
    • Public keys
    • Nano addresses
      • Validation
      • Parsing
      • Conversion to/from public keys
  • Nano amount conversions
    • raw
    • nano
    • Mnano/NANO
  • Proof of work (core)
    • Verification against a threshold
    • Generation
    • Dynamic threshold
  • Blocks
    • Hashing
    • Work
    • State blocks
    • <v18 blocks
  • Packet dissector
    • Parse pcap file
    • Dump some message types to console
    • Mark this done when all packets are decoded successfully (see below)
  • Node
    • Configuration
      • Initial command line interface
      • Network
      • Database
      • ...
    • Networks
      • Live (Don't worry, I'm only connecting to my own node at the moment!)
      • Test
      • Beta
    • Bootstrap peer connection (peering.nano.org)
    • Validate given peer network
    • Validate given peer versions
    • Multiple peer connectivity (currently only connects to one peer)
      • Configurable maximum peer limit
    • Header parsing
      • Network
      • Versions
      • Extensions
        • Handshake query/response flags
        • Count
        • Block type
        • Telemetry size
        • Extended params present
    • Logic
      • Rebroadcasting
      • Representatives
      • Publish retries (difficulty changes)
      • Respond to telemetry request
      • ...
    • Messages
      • Node ID Handshake
        • Serialize (TODO: needs small refactor)
        • Deserialize
        • Send cookie
        • Cookie/peer store and logic
        • Validate response
        • Validate signature
      • Confirm Req
        • Serialize
        • Deserialize
          • Hash pairs
          • Block selector
        • Handle response
      • Confirm Ack
        • Serialize
        • Deserialize
          • Vote by hash
          • Block
        • Validate signature
      • Keepalive
        • Serialize
        • Deserialize
      • Publish
        • Serialize
        • Deserialize
          • State blocks
          • Other blocks
      • Bulk pull
      • Bulk pull account
      • Bulk pull blocks
      • Bulk push
      • Telemetry Req
        • Serialize
        • Deserialize
      • Telemetry Ack
        • Serialize
        • Deserialize
          • Most fields
          • Timestamp
          • Active difficulty
        • Validate signature
      • Frontier Req
        • Serialize
        • Deserialize
    • Storage
      • Basic KV store to file
      • Basic cookie/peer storage
      • Peers
      • Blocks
      • ...
    • RPC
  • Rust
    • Ask around for a code review
    • Use either zerocopy or make all core types zero-copy with storing [u8] and methods as accessors. zerocopy did work for most things when I tried but had problems with enums. Might revisit.
    • Use thiserror instead of anyhow in certain places.
    • Github actions CI (including cargo clippy)
  • Future things
    • Fast bootstrapping related to the user's wallet
    • Performance
      • Automated comparison
    • Proof of work
      • Server
      • GPU
    • WASM

Credits and references

Other implementations


Licensed under either of these at your option:


Unless you explicitly state otherwise, any contribution intentionally submitted for inclusion in the work by you, as defined in the Apache-2.0 license, shall be dual licensed as above, without any additional terms or conditions.


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