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no-std pallet-skip-feeless-payment

Pallet to skip payments for calls annotated with feeless_if if the respective conditions are satisfied. (polkadot v1.11.0)

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Implementation of a node for the https://polkadot.network in Rust, using the Substrate framework. This directory currently contains runtimes for the Westend and Rococo test networks. Polkadot, Kusama and their system chain runtimes are located in the runtimes repository maintained by the Polkadot Technical Fellowship.


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Substrate is the primary blockchain SDK used by developers to create the parachains that make up the Polkadot network. Additionally, it allows for the development of self-sovereign blockchains that operate completely independently of Polkadot.


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Cumulus is a set of tools for writing Substrate-based Polkadot parachains.


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Skip Feeless Payment Pallet

This pallet allows runtimes that include it to skip payment of transaction fees for dispatchables marked by #[pallet::feeless_if](macro@ frame_support::pallet_prelude::feeless_if).


It does this by wrapping an existing SignedExtension implementation (e.g. pallet-transaction-payment) and checking if the dispatchable is feeless before applying the wrapped extension. If the dispatchable is indeed feeless, the extension is skipped and a custom event is emitted instead. Otherwise, the extension is applied as usual.


This pallet wraps an existing transaction payment pallet. This means you should both pallets in your construct_runtime macro and include this pallet's SignedExtension (SkipCheckIfFeeless) that would accept the existing one as an argument.


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