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A trait hierarchy to help make the SAFE API return errors at compile time

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An exploration of type-level SAFE.

This software is in a very early stage of development. We do not advise depending on it, yet.

The goal of this crate is to interface with any implementation of the SAFE API and make its errors appear at compile-time rather than at runtime.

The SAFE API for sponge functions

The Safe API is an interface for the use of a sponge, a frequent building block for hash functions. It is more specifically a variant of the duplex model, by default specified with field elements as the arguments-which makes it zkProof-firendly. The aim of this API is to help eliminate common painpoints and security bugs found in implementations.

  • Security flaws, such as domain separation failures
  • Inconsistent APIs that are hard to use securely

The SAFE API is documented at http://safe-hash.dev. See also this talk at the ZKSummit 8: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-4fzHpd4dk


This crate applies typestate-oriented programming techniques in Rust, along with type-level programming in order of make SAFE APIs even more safe.

At a basic level, the SAFE API is meant to return errors at runtime when the user makes a mistake in its usage. This crate aims to lift most of those errors at compile time.