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A set of primitive types and utilities for the Everscale blockchain

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Status: WIP


A set of primitive types and utilities for the Everscale blockchain.

Heavily inspired by ton-labs-types, but with much more emphasis on speed.

Basic usage

Get Cell from Vec<u8> representation of bytes

use everscale_types::boc::Boc;

let cell: Cell = Boc::decode(bytes)?;

Encode any model e.g.MerkleProof to base64 BOC representation and vice versa

use everscale_types::boc::BocRepr;

let cell = MerkleProof::create_for_cell(cell.as_ref(), EMPTY_CELL_HASH)

let encoded = BocRepr::encode_base64(&cell).unwrap();

let decoded = Boc::decode_base64(encoded)?.as_ref().parse::<MerkleProof>()?:

Get specific everscale type from Cell

use everscale_types::models::BlockProof;

let proof: BlockProof = cell.parse::<BlockProof>()?;

Same usage for virtualized cell

use everscale_types::prelude::DynCell;
use everscale_types::models::Block;

let virt_cell: &DynCell = cell.virtualize();
let block = virt_cell.parse::<Block>()?;

You can also use CellBuilder to create any Cell

let mut builder = CellBuilder::new();
builder.store_raw(&[0xdd, 0x55], 10)?;

// store references to another cells

let final_cell = builder.build()?;


How to bench

cargo bench boc
cargo bench dict

How to miri check

# Add Miri component
rustup +nightly component add miri

# Run all tests with Miri
cargo +nightly miri test

How to fuzz

# Install fuzzer
cargo install cargo-fuzz

# Run any of the fuzzer targets
cargo +nightly fuzz run boc_decode -j 12
cargo +nightly fuzz run boc_decode_encode -j 12
cargo +nightly fuzz run boc_decode_pair -j 12
cargo +nightly fuzz run boc_dict -j 12
cargo +nightly fuzz run boc_message -j 12


We welcome contributions to the project! If you notice any issues or errors, feel free to open an issue or submit a pull request.


Licensed under either of

at your option.


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