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Generic event file reader.

This crate provides the [EventFileReader] struct for reading scattering event files in different formats. See the Features section for a list of supported formats and the avery crate for the format of the returned events.


use event_file_reader::EventFileReader as Reader;

let reader = Reader::new("events.lhe.gz")?;
for event in reader {
  let event = event?;
  // do something with the event


Default Features

  • lhef: Support for event files in the Les Houches Event File format.
  • hepmc2: Support for event files in the HepMC 2 format.
  • flate2: Support for DEFLATE compressed event files, e.g. gzip.
  • zstd: Support for event files compressed with zstd.

Non-default Features

  • all: Enable all mutually compatible features. Use --features all instead of --all-features.
  • bzip2: Support for bzip2 compressed event files.
  • ntuple: Support for ntuple event files.
  • lz4: Support for lz4 compressed event files using the lz4 crate. Incompatible with the lz4_flex feature.
  • lz4_flex: Support for lz4 compressed event files using the lz4_flex crate. Incompatible with the lz4 feature.

License: GPL-3.0-or-later


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