Cargo Features

event-file-reader = { version = "0.4.0", default-features = false, features = ["all", "hepmc2", "lhef", "ntuple", "bzip2", "lz4", "lz4_flex", "flate2", "zstd"] }
default = flate2, hepmc2, lhef, zstd

These default features are set whenever event-file-reader is added without default-features = false somewhere in the dependency tree.

all = bzip2, lz4_flex, ntuple
hepmc2 default

Enables hepmc2, hepmc2 of avery

lhef default

Enables lhef, lhef of avery

ntuple all?

Enables ntuple, ntuple of avery

bzip2 all?

Enables bzip2 of audec


Enables lz4 of audec

lz4_flex all?

Enables lz4_flex of audec

flate2 default

Enables flate2 of audec

zstd default

Enables zstd of audec

EventFileReader has 10 features without comments.