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0.1.0 Nov 22, 2022
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This is a tiny command-line tool that consumes input events from one device, and re-emits them on one of two output devices depending on whether a trigger key or button is held.


Because KDE is broken :(

I originally tried to implement functionality like this in-app by just temporarily grabbing and then un-grabbing the device (which makes its events unavailable to any other program).

This completely breaks KDE. Like, entirely, to the fullest extent. Shatters it like glass.

The cursor still moves after un-grabbing the device, but KDE doesn't forward any clicks correctly. Sometimes clicks pass through a window and hit the window behind it. Sometimes they hit the window correctly, but clicking any other window (or window decoration) does nothing. Closing the app doesn't even fix it, but switching to another VT and back does. It's absurd.


evdev-switch <config.toml>

For an example configuration file, see config.example.toml.


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