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Evcxr library

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An implementation of eval() for Rust.

The main struct in this crate is EvalContext. You create one, then ask it to eval bits of code. Any defined functions, variables etc are local to that context.

To see an example usage, see examples/example_eval.rs.

I'll not go into too much detail here, since the purpose of this library is really to provide functionality to evcxr_jupyter and evcxr_repl. If you'd like to try using this crate for something else, drop me an email, or file an issue on the repository and we can figure out your use case.

MSRV (Minimum supported Rust version)

Should work with the latest stable release. May sometimes work with one or two older version. See evcxr/Cargo.toml for the current minimum supported rust version. If you're stuck on an older version of rustc, your best bet is either to use a precompiled binary or use an older version of Evcxr. The release notes might give clues as to when MSRV bumps occurred.

How it works

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Release notes

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